Get a better look at Emily Blunt & Lin-Manuel Miranda in Mary Poppins pics

Late last week we got our first look at Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins in the upcoming MARY POPPINS RETURNS. Though it wasn’t a great look we still got to see that Poppins will be returning in style with a hat I assume is perfect for drinking tea in, especially if you’re in an Oscar Wilde story. But now we have some new images, and Blunt is looking even more dapper than we saw before, and this time with the company of Mr. Lin-Manuel Miranda.


These pics offer a much better look than the official image from before, and the more I see of her the more I think she looks perfect for the role. She wears that coat like she was born in it, and all I wanna see is her using that fancy umbrella to soar into the sky…or use it to tip her cap as if to say, “Mornin’, folks!” Miranda is looking particularly fancy and blissful too as her companion, Jack, and is probably about to break out into a rap about street lamps. Oh look, they already gave him a Tony. This isn’t even a play.

Source: Twitter



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