Go back to the island in our Jurassic World blu-ray set visit! (Video)

An invite to Hawaii is hard to turn down in any capacity, so when a set visit is included it's just icing on the cake. Such was the case for JURASSIC WORLD. In preparation for it's blu-ray/DVD release, a group of journalists, myself included, were brought out to the island of Oahu to visit some of the filming locales in Oahu, including the I-Rex Paddock, Gyrosphere Landing Pad, and Gentle Giants Petting Zoo. I know, it's rough.

Now, full disclosure, I did not love JURASSIC WORLD, but I did love that it revived the franchise, which has been gone for too long. For me, it was a great effort that opened the doors to more films in the franchise, so I'm calling it a win, even if I had some issues with it. Universal certainly isn't complaining, though, as it's the biggest movie of the year. I'd say that trumps any criticism for them. All that said, I treated this trip as something that was for the fans of the series, of which I know there are many, and did my best to bring it to them. You can check out the full rundown of my exploits on the island in the video below, as well as some images from the trip below that. If you're a casual fan, rabid Jurassic geek, or simply want to see what the physical sets and locales were like, then this is for you.

In addition, you can check out my interviews with Bryce Dallas Howard, BD Wong, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins HERE! They all had lots to share, including their first experiences with the original JURASSIC PARK, their hopes for the sequel, and more!

"They're dinosaurs, wow enough."

JURASSIC WORLD is now available on digital HD and hits Blu-Ray/DVD on October 20th. PREORDER HERE!

My view from the hotel...

Enjoying a Mai Tai or five in front of the famous Banyan Tree.

And, just in case you don't know what the Banyon Tree is. No smoke monsters sighted, though.

The Indominous Rex Paddock from the road. A hell of a big practical set.

Nice little off-roader outside the I-Rex paddock. Couldn't find the keys, so no joyrides with it.

Joblo ain't afraid of no electrical fences...

Yep. I can confirm it. They're claw marks, all right.

The I-Rex viewing deck from the ground.

And the viewing deck from inside. Tight quarters, but fully functional. For, y'know, standing and viewing.

Someone left a T-Rex skull in the I-Rex paddock. It's like a chew toy, I guess?

Actual Gyrosphere from the film (sans glass). Sucker weighs 2,000 Ibs. I did not try to lift it.

I would seriously put this in my house if I had one. Right on the coffee table. "And here's our T-Rex skull!"

They put that logo EVERYWHERE.

The log from Jurassic World that Grant and the kids hide behind. And a dinosaur attacking me. It happens.

All geared up for an RV ride through KuaLoa Ranch.

Like I said, they put that logo EVERYWHERE.

One of many Jurassic World signs at the Honolulu Zoo Gentle Giants pen (actually an Elephant pen)

Rocking our "sports pose" at the Luau: (L to R) Paul Shirey, Aurora Rodriguez (J-14 Magazine), Eric Vespe (AICN), Bryce Dallas Howard, Seth Gabel, Aaron Sagers (Blastr)

And then our normal one. Aloha!

No trip ends without a great sunset shot.

Post interview selfie with Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson. Fun chaps to talk with!

Post interview show with me and Bryce Dallas Howard. She seriously was a delight to talk to and I only use that word after dessert or a Wes Anderson movie.

Extra Tidbit: Oh, and yes, you can visit many of these sets and locations in Hawaii. The I-Rex paddock is now a fixture, along with a ton of other notable sets, from 98's Godzilla and many more. Check it out if you're ever in the area!
Source: JoBlo.com

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