Go to war with Michael Fassbender in first clips from MacBeth

I am a sucker for a good Shakespeare movie. There has been a trend to set the classic works of the Bard in an anachronistic time period like Baz Luhrmann's ROMEO + JULIET or Julie Taymor's exceptional TITUS. But, there is nothing like a well-made movie set in the original time period and style as the source. Justin Kurzel's MACBETH looks to be one of those takes.

We have been hearing about this new MACBETH for a long time and it should be especially interesting to now get a look at the film since Fassbender, Kurzel, and co-star Marion Cotillard are all set for the adaptation of video game ASSASSIN'S CREED, which is set to begin production later this year. These two brief clips should make any ASSASSIN'S CREED fan very excited.

Both clips are about thirty seconds long and do not give us much in the way of dialogue. The first showcases a massive battle sequence which makes interesting use of slow motion. The other is the coronation of MacBeth which gives us some fleeting glimpses at Fassbender and Cotillard's approach to their roles. In both clips, we see a very atmospheric visual tone that should definitely give ASSASSIN'S CREED a unique look.

Fassbender and Cotillard are excellent actors and I look forward to seeing them deliver some of the iconic lines from the play. Hopefully we see more soon as the film is slated to premiere at Cannes tomorrow. There is no current domestic release date.

Source: YouTube



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