Goonies still going?

For as long as I can recall, there have been rumors, hopes, promises and threats that 80s fave THE GOONIES would return. The source has been anyone from fans to the original stars to director Richard Donner himself, and the format has been everything from a remake to a straight-to-DVD sequel to a Broadway show.

But now (or again) it sounds like an actual legitimate theatrical sequel is finally in the works. Moviehole has it on good authority that Warner Bros. are currently pursuing a GOONIES follow-up, a straight sequel intended as a major release, with high-priced writers now kicking a script into shape. Rumor also has it that it will feature a new gang of kids but some of the original cast might return, pending availability (okay, Josh Brolin aside, that was a joke).

Will it finally become a reality this time? It would certainly be a relief to Donner, Corey Feldman, and probably a few other former kid actors. The original Spielberg-produced flick followed an adventurous band of kids with descriptive nicknames such as Data, Mouth, Chunk and whatever those chicks were called, as they found themselves involved with robbers, hidden treasure, and a mutant with a sweet tooth.


Extra Tidbit: Actor Jonathan Ke Quan (aka Data, aka Short Round) was part of the stunt crew on X-MEN.
Source: Moviehole.net



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