Greatest movie ever?

The movie is called DRIVE AWAY DYKES. You may have read about it yesterday in the LA Times. It's a self-professed "lesbian road movie action sex comedy" co-written by Ethan Coen. It's an ode to 70s sexploitation films, of course with a Coen twist. An unofficial official site for the film is up with a little more info on the film than was originally revealed at the Times. The plot goes as follows: two lesbian friends take off from Philly to Florida for vacation. They discover along the way that their rental car has, in the trunk, a severed head and a briefcase full of dildos. As you might expect, the previous renters of the car are hot on the trail as is a jealous ex-girlfriend of one of the women. Along the way, promises Coen, we'll have "laughs, thrills, psychological insights, and plenty of hot lesbian sex." The site lists Selma Blair starring as one of the road trip women and Holly Hunter as the jealous ex-GF. Alison Anders (GRACE OF MY HEART) will direct later this year. Head here to the DRIVE AWAY DYKES site to learn more about the film with full character descriptions and even early storyboards. Can this movie come out any sooner?

Source: LA Times



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