Gremlins remake?

Does it seem like lately all you're hearing about is remakes? Well, it's possible that another studio might be ruining our lives once more with a remake of the 84' classic GREMLINS.

While I think it's rather impossible to find another Zach Galligan; director of the first, Joe Dante understands that while the studio would want a 3 it would have to be a remake in his opinion, "I hear they're going to make another one soon. I can see why - it would be stupid to let that title go to waste. The actors from the first two are too old to do a proper sequel, so I'm sure when the new one arrives it will be a remake of the original." So at this point it's really up in the air on whether they would call it a remake or sequel? But are either necessary? I really liked GREMLINS, so much so that when I was little I had the poster with Gizmo in his Barbie car tacked to my bedroom door.

I'm on the fence at this point, but I think I really could not handle if they did the mogwai or gremlins in CGI. Dante and I seem to be on the same page about this idea, If they do the monsters with CGI, I don't know if it would be the same. They should go back and do it with puppets again, though at this point I wouldn't be interested in being involved." That seems like a smart move. It's also too soon to know if Chris Columbus, who also wrote the beloved GOONIES will be involved.

I've said this a million times on this site, I'm done with trying to convince Hollywood to try original ideas...because obviously it's not working.

I can't resist providing a hot picture of Phoebe Cates. She was a good person to want to be like when I was growing up. This of course was before ever seeing FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH.

Extra Tidbit: Did anyone else see WAXWORK with Zach Galligan? I love that movie!



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