Guillermo del Toro keeps the hope alive, says Pacific Rim 2 isn't dead yet

With last weeks news that Guillermo del Toro may be set to helm a remake of FANTASTIC VOYAGE came yet another update on the status of his PACIFIC RIM sequel, this time with THR saying that the sequel had been taken "off the table indefinitely." In what has become a bit of an ongoing tradition, Guillermo del Toro responded to the news that his anticipated sequel was dead in the water (again), by taking to Twitter to keep the hope for the PACIFIC RIM sequel alive.

Although I found watching PACIFIC RIM to be a great amount of fun, I won't be too broken up if the sequel never arrives. Guillermo del Toro is always very passionate about the projects he takes on (which makes it a genuine pleasure to listen to him chat about films) and it's nice to know that he'll be doing everything he can to get this sequel made, but he also has a tendency to collect potential films that never see the light of day, which doesn't exactly fill me with confidence regarding the sequels fate. If PACIFIC RIM 2 does end up happening, del Toro has said that he intends on giving Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) a role in the film which will come her own Jaeger. Luuucky!

Are you glad that Guillermo del Toro is fighting for PACIFIC RIM 2 or do you wish he'd focus on other projects instead?

Guillermo del Toro's last film, CRIMSON PEAK, will be making its Blu-ray/DVD debut on February 9th, and you can pre-order your copy right here!

Source: Twitter



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