Guillermo Del Toro says he's writing Pacific Rim sequel, although not greenlit by studio

Talking to IGN for the release of PACIFIC RIM on blu-ray/DVD this week, director Guillermo Del Toro updated on a few of his many projects, particularly a sequel to his jaeger vs. kaiju smash-em-up from this past summer. Although not the box office extravaganza the studio had hoped for, the film still managed to pull in north of $400 million worldwide, which isn't exactly chump change. Del Toro also gave brief updates on his PINOCCHIO film, his desire to do a Frankenstein movie, and what his slate looks like for the next few years.

In terms of a sequel to PACIFIC RIM, Del Toro had this to say:

No, we are writing the sequel. Travis Beacham and I are writing, so that is active. The decision to green light or not, that’s definitely above my pay rate.

He elaborated on his passion for the franchise, saying:

To me, what was beautiful and flattering was how people saw the movie not once or twice but three, four times or more. People that love it, love it with great passion. So I would love to continue telling stories about that world.

The director has been interested in a Frankenstein film for some time, but is tied up for the next few years, saying:

You know, I hope it [Frankenstein] does [happen], in the right way and the right moment. Every time I get with Universal, we talk about doing it, and then for whatever reason something else takes over. Right now, I’m busy for the next two years, between finishing The Strain and doing Crimson Peak. So it just happens like that. Your life leapfrogs a couple of years, if not more, when you’re a filmmaker. When you’re a filmmaker that generates his own projects, for sure.

As for PINOCCHIO, Del Toro updates on the project, saying that it looks like a money issue:

We have a large part of the financing in place. One of the partners we had simply stopped making films. We are looking for a new partner, and hopefully it will happen. It’s always serendipity, which project happens and which one doesn’t.

Del Toro is notorious for working on a cavalcade of projects at once. Some not mentioned are his planned HBO series, the Justice League Dark film, and a Hulk TV series. I seriously don't know how this guy ever sleeps. That said, as a fan of PACIFIC RIM and one of those who saw it multiple times in the theater, I'm game for another and hope it comes together. It's a really great throwback flick with ridiculous and awesome moments that fit well within the genre. There's just not enough well-made films like it.

PACIFIC RIM is out on blu-ray/DVD this week. Get your copy here!

Extra Tidbit: What would you like to see happen in a Pacific Rim sequel?
Source: IGN



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