Hate 3D movies? Then 2D glasses are for you

3D movies are currently one of the most divisive issues in Hollywood today, and as such, they can make for some awkward moviegoing experiences.

Say you want to go see TRON LEGACY in 3D, but a member of your group or your beloved wife or girlfriend claims it gives them headaches. What to do?

Such an issue paved the way for the invention of the magic of 2D glasses. It sounds like a joke, but it's a real product that takes any Real 3D feature and filters it so it's 2D once more. I can also see this coming in handy when your theater refuses to have ANY 2D showtimes for a movie, something that recently happened to me for both JACKASS 3 and SANCTUM.

The problem is, you're essentially paying 50-100% more for no added effect, plus you still have to wear glasses that you paid seperately for. But the fact that this product exists shows that there's some serious resistance out there to the push to 3D-ify EVERY film these days.

Buy some 2D glasses here.

Extra Tidbit: I was literally ill recently after trying out Sony's 3D TV with shutter glasses.
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