Helen Mirren sues to reclaim stolen family art in the Woman in Gold trailer

woman in gold helen mirren

The Weinstein Company loves to base a lot of their movies on true stories; movies like THE IMITATION GAME (now playing) and BIG EYES (opening on Christmas day) are two of their biggest highlights this awards season. They are looking to the future now as the first WOMAN IN GOLD trailer has arrived and it looks as though they are trying to duplicate the success of PHILOMENA with another tale of injustice, this time it stars the great Helen Mirren.

Here is the official synopsis:

Academy Award winner Helen Mirren stars in the incredible story of Maria Altmann, a Jewish refugee who is forced to flee Vienna during World War II. Decades later, determined to salvage some dignity from her past, Maria has taken on a mission to reclaim a painting the Nazis stole from her family: the famous Lady In Gold, a portrait of her beloved Aunt Adele. Partnering with an inexperienced but determined young lawyer (Ryan Reynolds), Maria embarks on an epic journey for justice 60 years in the making.

Ryan Reynolds as the fresh-faced lawyer was at one point going to be played by Andrew Garfield. Not to knock Reynolds down a peg, but the paring of Mirren and Garfield would have given me some interest in seeing this movie. Katie Holmes didn’t have a line in this trailer so I suspect her part is as forgettable as the few seconds we see of her here.

Directed by Simon Curtis (MY WEEK WITH MARILYN), WOMAN IN GOLD opens April 3 2015.

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