Hell yeah! Injustice 2 reveals Hellboy gameplay footage!

While I'm not a big fan of the INJUSTICE games' storyline, I love the game itself immensely. It's a fun and intuitive fighting game, with great controls and even better renderings of classic DC heroes (where I can just ignore the plot). It also helps that it plays a lot like MORTAL KOMBAT X, which was one of the best in its respective series. And since both game series are made by the same studio, DLC has added some MORTAL KOMBAT characters to the roster, which made sense, and was a fun addition. However, they've also recently added none-other-than Hellboy, part of neither DC or MORTAL KOMBAT. But, judging by the footage, it looks like he fits right in, regardless!

The footage also shows that he's adept at using his giant gun, blocking projectiles with his giant stone arm, and sending people straight to Hell with his epic special! I know I'll definitely be giving him a spin once my shift ends.

Any fans of INJUSTICE 2? What do you think of playing as Hellboy? Either way, sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: Abe Sapien would be a fun INJUSTICE 2 fighter as well.
Source: YouTube



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