Here's a bunch of new photos and Faora looking all sexy from Man of Steel

After writing the title for this article, I thought that my comment about Faora might cause some of you to think that I didn't deliver her like half naked or something. She just looks really good. I can already safely say that she will officially join the "Hot Villain Hall of Fame"-- if there is such a thing.

Empire Magazine had a ton of new photos from as well as a cool cover from their upcoming issue. They definitely know what the fans want when it comes to a cover. The photos give us a little bit of everything. There are several close up head shots and a couple of intriguing ones. The last one might be a little spoilery (it's after the Lois Lane pic), but I've included because I think we all know what's coming and we don't know the exact context.

If you are interested in picking up this issue it will be out this Thursday. Enjoy the photos!

Source: EmpireCBM



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