Houdini escapes development hell with the help of director Francis Lawrence?

If Harry Houdini could've escaped the clutches of death, the man would be celebrating his 137th birthday today. Just in time to commemorate the occasion, Variety is reporting that Sony and its long-gestating biopic on the renowned magician and escapologist is getting back on track, possibly with I AM LEGEND director Francis Lawrence at the helm.

Variety says that while no deal has been set, Lawrence is in talks to develop a whole new take of the high-profile biopic. There are no story details to report, unfortunately. However, the film will be "a large-scale period production... emphasizing Houdini's renowned showmanship."

Sony's been trying to bring Houdini to silver screen life for decades. Back in the 90s, filmmaker Paul Verhoeven was attached to a Houdini film that was supposed to focus on the mysterious life behind the famous magician. Pity that never came to be, as I bet it would've been batshit insane on some level.
Extra Tidbit: Google's birthday tribute to the escape artist extraordinaire.
Source: Variety



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