How do you feel about Daniel Craig officially being back for two more Bond films after Skyfall?

Skyfall quad trimmed

It has already been publicly established that 1) we will see a new Bond film in 2014 and 2) that "until someone tells him to stop" Daniel Craig will continue to play James Bond.  Which is good news for just about everybody involved in anything film-related ever.

Thankfully EON Productions agrees, and Craig has been confirmed to play the world's most famous spy for a further two films bringing his grand total up to five.  The report does state that while a late 2014 release date for Bond's 24th adventure is indeed expected at this time, Craig and EON Productions may want to take a bit more time due to both the exhaustive nature of crafting a Bond film and taking the time to make sure the story/script are just right before proceeding with the filmmaking process.  They'll have to figure that out with Sony/MGM, but in the meantime we can rest easy knowing that Craig will be back after SKYFALL twice over.

And speaking of which, SKYFALL will be receiving its premiere nine weeks from now on November 8th.

Bond and Aston Martin

Extra Tidbit: By the end of Craig's career he will have played Bond through two milestones - the 50th anniversary (this year), and the 25th film in the franchise (in theory his last).
Source: MI6



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