Hugh Jackman's ship takes flight in the new poster for Joe Wright's Pan


It's been 5 months since we've really seen anything on Joe Wright's (HANNA, ATONEMENT) upcoming take on the Peter Pan story, and while that led a lot to believe that the film may have been delayed, this latest poster seems to suggest that it's right on track. In case you've missed out on the action so far, PAN is somewhat of a retelling of the orphan who is spirited away to magical Neverland. The central villain appears to be the pirate Blackbeard, played by everyone's favorite X-Man, Hugh Jackman. His ship, the Jolly Roger, is the main focus of the latest poster, of which you can see below.


I have mixed feelings over the trailer that premiered back in November for PAN, especially when this new poster has me more interested than that old preview did. I really dug Wright's previous work, and everything about PAN so far feels a little more HOOK than it should, minus it's greatest aspect (John Williams' score). In any case, I've always appreciated the director and his reliance on music to tell a story, so I'll definitely be curious to check out his latest work, whenever it hits. At the very least, Jackman looks to be having fun, and Garrett Hedlund shows more personality in the trailer as James Hook than he did in all of TRON: LEGACY.

PAN hits theaters on July 24, 2015.

Source: Warner Bros.



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