Ian McKellan and Derek Jacobi to play an old gay couple in the sitcom Vicious

Sir Ian McKellan is a badass dude. He is both Magneto and Gandalf. He is a thespian of the highest order, literally. Sir Derek Jacobi is just as great an actor. Both a protoge of Laurence Olivier and one of the most respected Shakespearean actors of all time, he is an inspiration to many actors. Both men have had long and storied careers that rival those of most in their profession. They also both happen to be openly gay.

Being gay is no longer as taboo as it used to be and British television was featuring characters going back to the sixties and seventies whereas in the United States, we have not featured homosexual characters in a non-stereotypical way until the last few decades. With that in mind, it does not seem as groundbreaking to report that McKellan and jacobi will be starring in a British sitcom about two elderly gay men.

The show, titled VICIOUS, will follow a homosexual couple who have lived together in London for 50 years. Long since retired, the duo have taken to a life of boring hobbies and petty arguments. Just when it seems that the two have finally had enough of each other, the arrival of a young man to their apartment building upsets the established routine of their lives.

The most interesting part of this news is that two actors of this dramatic caliber will be taking roles on a television sitcom. Here in the States, there has been a growing caliber of actors taking roles on TV, especially cable, but this is pretty big. It will be interesting to see if this will be a ridiculous, broad comedy like WILL & GRACE, or something more subtle. Either way, it will be interesting to see if the series is broadcast here in America.

Extra Tidbit: My favorite Derek Jacobi role was in Kenneth Branagh's DEAD AGAIN. Great movie.
Source: ScreenRant



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