Image of DJ Cotrona as Superman in Justice League: Mortal hits the internet

JUSTICE LEAGUE has come and gone, and many people don’t know how to go about the rest of their lives. It would be underselling it to say the movie didn’t live up to people’s expectations. Now a lot of people who have been following DC films for years are left wondering where we would be if George Miller’s JUSTICE LEAGUE: MORTAL would’ve panned out, and now thanks to some images, we now have a least a better idea of how the movie would’ve at least looked.

Thanks to a few good Samaritans (via DC Films Hub), some images from the pre-production process have come out, one showing actor DJ Cotrona as Clark Kent/Superman, and one showing off the full lineup of heroes. Take a look below, and then start to imagine this team fighting a, hopefully, better realized CG villain.

Here is another photo, which is blurry, unfortunately. Still, it gives a solid glimpse at characters like Batman (Armie Hammer), Flash (Adam Brody), Wonder Woman (Megan Gale), Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern. This image was probably done before Lantern was decided to be the John Stewart version, which was set to be played by Common.

This movie is the stuff of legend in the pantheon of Movies That Never Happened, and is worthy of a documentary all its own. The writer's strike of 2007/2008 caused a delay in production, and when it ended, the movie continued to face a litany of other production stalls. Soon, Warner Bros. decided to go a different direction, and the movie was eventually shelved. Then we got the film from Zack Snyder, so it all worked out, right?

Cotrona looks okay as Superman, rocking the trademark hair and filling out the costume nicely. His Superman has that classic look to it, and not that more modern, sleek look Henry Cavill's current version has. I have faith in Miller, and I believe his vision would’ve been fantastic. Who knows, maybe after the shift in this whole DCEU things, and after the success of MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, WB will give him another shot. 

Source: DC Film Hub



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