INT: Fanboys stars

This wasn't the first time I sat with Dan Fogler. Back when BALLS OF FURY hit the silver screen, the two of us had the chance to talk. Back then I was surprised at how serious he could be… well all that changed today. While talking FANBOYS, he was incredibly funny and I laughed quite a bit. Although, I barely remember what was so frickin' funny.

Meanwhile, both Sam Huntington and Chris Marquette talked a lot about the lack of theatres that their film would be opening in. It seems a shame as they are both very proud of the film. Hopefully, it will find an audience and expand to a few more screens. Because the truth is, many of you will absolutely relate to this tale about friendship surrounded by STAR WARS talk. So this Friday, look for FANBOYS and if you don't find it, hopefully others will and help awaken audiences to this cool little flick that many of us can relate to.

Dan Fogler

Chris Marquette and Sam Huntington

Source: JoBlo.com



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