INT: Garant/Lennon

It’s not surprising that a couple of dudes from “Reno: 911” would be funny. And Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant prove that, surprise, surprise… they are very funny. Both are now slated to write NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM 2, the first one being a pretty big hit so no surprise on a sequel. They also wrote HERBIE FULLY LOADED and LET’S GO TO PRISON. There is much more in both of their IMDB pages so I will move on to their latest… BALLS OF FURY, about the brutal world of ping pong. While both take on writing duties, Ben also directs and Thomas takes on the role of Karl Wolfschtagg.

When I sat down with the two of them at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, I had to get the truth out… they just had a title called BALLS OF FURY and knew it must be made into a movie, right??? I found both of these guys to be incredibly funny, yet I was wondering why Thomas wasn’t wearing shorts, as he does in both BALLS OF FURY with his scene-stealing supporting performance and his iconic outfit in “Reno: 911”. It was a pleasure hanging with the guys and please remember at home, killing over ping pong is wrong. Check them out on August 29th, and make sure you are ready for a little bit of ping pong FURY with some tiny balls.

Source: JoBlo.com



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