Interview: Rampart Writer/Director Oren Moverman

Oren Moverman has two films to his directing credit (aside from a number of writing credits including I'M NOT THERE AND JESUS' SON). This includes his latest crime drama RAMPART and his last film - which also featured Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster – the Academy Award nominated THE MESSENGER. Clearly, the man has a hell of a lot of talent telling intensely personal stories. In RAMPART, Woody Harrelson plays a renegade cop who has trouble adjusting to a whole new world of law enforcement.

While the film is based on a true event from 1999, Moverman decided – thanks to the original script by James Ellroy – to create a fictionalized account of it. When I sat down with this acclaimed writer/director he talked about creating an honest look at this turbulent time in history. He talked about working with Woody and Ben again, a partnership which clearly will continue with other projects. Moverman is an incredibly intelligent and fascinating filmmaker. I look forward to what he has to offer next time around. RAMPART opens in limited release this coming Friday.

"It says more about you as a viewer than actually about him…"

Source: JoBlo.com



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