Is James McAvoy circling the leading role in The Crow?

Not sure how many of you are still following THE CROW reboot, but another casting rumor has made its way online via Bloody Disgusting.

The site that first hatched the Mark Wahlberg casting (then passing) is now stating that James McAvoy is circling the project. Relative newcomer, F. Javier Gutierrez is still attached to direct the screenplay by Jesse Wigutow (TRON: LEGACY 2). But my question is: why would McAvoy have any interest in this? Is the script good? I'm actually quite surprised that it is still being made. I figured that after Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Wahlberg and Bradley Cooper dropped that it was dead in the water.

THE CROW follows the recently undead Eric Draven who comes back from the grave to seek revenge on those who have wronged his fiancée and himself after their grizzly murders. James O’Barr's graphic novel first hit the shelves back in 1989.

I can't help but wonder what direction they want to take this in. The first installment was great. In my own opinion, it's hard to find anyone who can fit the role any better than Brandon Lee. I love McAvoy, I really do, but this is one that just didn't need a reboot.

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