Is Warner Bros. looking for Wonder Woman with their casting call for Batman vs Superman?

Some casting calls are very specific like "Hey, we need an actor to play so-and-so." Other casting calls are a little less open about who the part is for, and you have to read between the lines a little bit.

Bleeding Cool has some news on a casting call from Warner Bros. for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN, and while the character description is vague, the site seems to think it's for Wonder Woman.

I can tell you that she’ll be somewhere between twenty five and thirty three – or at least leave the impression of a woman in that age range, whatever that might be. I can tell you that she needs to be physically strong. They’re specific about that. And I can tell you that the discussion in some agencies who have been submitting actors for this role is that they’re sending up candidates for the role of Wonder Woman. They don’t know that it’s her, it’s just become their expectation, or at least a rumor that’s colored their conception.

Warner Bros. won't confirm they're searching for Wonder Woman, but they haven't denied it either. The casting call could be for a different character, but if that's the case why is Warner Bros. being so tight-lipped about the role? It could be for a female character that doesn't have super powers but who, especially where they're specifically looking for someone who is physically strong? Let's see how this rumor plays out...

BATMAN VS SUPERMAN starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck, and directed by Zack Snyder will be in theaters July 17, 2015.

Extra Tidbit: If it is for Wonder Woman, how do you think she'll be used in BATMAN VS SUPERMAN?
Source: Bleeding Cool



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