Official casting call for three leads in J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII

I keep hearing that we're suppose to be getting a casting announcement soon for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII, but until then we're stuck with rumors, speculation and (most of the time) straight up B.S. At least this news from Showbiz411 seems a little more legit: according to the site a casting call has gone out in New York City for three leads in the upcoming film. Well, actually the casting sheet is for an "Untitled Studio Feature" but the director is J.J. Abrams and the studio is Disney so...yeah, it's for STAR WARS EPISODE VII:

[YOUNG MAN] Early 20s. Handsome, but not necessarily heroic. He is witty and smart. Physically fit.

[MAN] Late 20s. Physically fit, handsome and confident.

[YOUNG WOMAN] Late teens. Physically fit, raw energy, independent and with a great sense of humor.

If the casting call sounds familiar it's because it looks like three of the characters (although with slightly different descriptions) were on this casting sheet that surfaced back in June:

Late-teen female, independent, good sense of humour, fit.

Young twenty-something male, witty and smart, fit but not traditionally good looking.

A late twentysomething male, fit, handsome and confident.

Seventy-something male, with strong opinions and tough demeanor. Also doesn't t need to be particularly fit.

A second young female, also late teens, tough, smart and fit.

Forty something male, fit, military type.

Thirtysomething male, intellectual. Apparently doesn’t need to be fit.

Does this mean Abrams has found people for the four other roles listed above? And although it has been denied, is/was Benedict Cumberbatch up for one of the parts? I probably sound like a broken record, but there should be some official news soon for the new STAR WARS film.

STAR WARS: EPISODE VII is set to hit theaters sometime in 2015.

Extra Tidbit: Which characters do you think are being described in the casting call?
Source: Showbiz411



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