Jaegers & Kaijus go at it in first Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer

The first trailer for PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING is finally here, and you thought to yourself, “All I need to see are giant robots, giant monsters, and both of them smashing through stuff in an immense capacity,” then prepared to be very satisfied. The new movie sees John Boyega leading a new team of Jaeger pilots as they face an even greater brand of Kaiju than in the first movie. You would think the only way they could defeat them is by assembling into one super Jaeger. Do you think the VOLTRON creators would sue? Probably, right?

I like the appropriation of the Tupac music (which I remembered was also used in DJANGO UNCHAINED, and I’m sure just rung a lot of bells for you folks too), and for the most part, it a pretty energetic first piece of real footage. Most of the key action sequences from the first movie took place at night, but as you can see that may not be the case here. Everything looks bright and colorful but, admittedly, also a little cartoony too. That could end up being a big plus in the end, and it could be a fun popcorn flick. Boyega isn’t gonna steal any speech-giving prizes away from Idris Elba, though. That is for certain.

PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING arrives March 23, 2018 

Source: Warner Bros.



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