James Franco finally gets work as Oz the Great and Powerful

In 2011 alone, we've written twelve stories about James Franco's attachment to some project or another, and here's number thirteen to add onto the pile.

According to Deadline, Franco has just closed a deal to take the titular role in Disney's OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, a post left vacant by the recent departure of Johnny Depp, which previously followed the departure of Robert Downey Jr.

I'd say either of those actors were probably better suited for the role than Franco, particularly RDJ, but it's interesting to see the part shuffled around the three people who might be the busiest men in Hollywood today. What's next, Natalie Portman as Glenda the Good Witch? Yeah, I could actually see that happening.

Your next dose of Franco will be this Sunday when he hosts the Academy Awards with Anne Hathaway, and fails to beat Colin Firth out for Best Actor. Oh come on, you know it's true.

Extra Tidbit: I expect him to be announced as playing Lex Luthor in the SUPERMAN reboot any day now.l
Source: Deadline



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