James Franco is finding love as Young Santa in cut SNL sketch

With the Christmas season comes baked goods, mistletoe, mall Santas and the Doom of Hallmark via an onslaught of cheap Christmas movies starring B-D list actors. Seemingly made with the budget made from that summer’s lemonade stand, Hallmark Christmas movies have the quality of a student film made by the reincarnated Ed Wood. They are ripe for the mocking and leave it to SNL to handle the task with the help of last week’s host, James Franco. The digital sketch (which was cut for time) is a commercial parody for three holiday movies on the Hallmark channel, one of which featuring Franco as “Young Santa” played by Franco as actor Chris Bearstick. But that's not all, and you can see Kenan Thompson tackle the role of "Black Guy with no Backstory," and Franco returning as Bearstick in the film "Prince Santa." In 2018, these will all be new, real Hallmark Christmas movies. 

Coincidentally enough, you can watch James Franco in the movie about the making of the worst movie ever in THE DISASTER ARTIST, which is in theaters now.



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