Japan's Paranormal Activity gets a trailer, is probably worse than ours

So yes, Japan is the country that's probably produced more good horror flicks per capita than any other, and we're constantly remaking their best ones, but what happens when they try to adapt one of OUR hits?

PARNORMAL ACTIVITY 2: TOKYO NIGHTS happens, and when I first heard about it, I figured they'd probably do it better than us. Welll, after watching this debut trailer, I'm not so sure.

It's a girl who brings the ghost back with her (for some reason) from Cali to Tokyo, and she's in a wheelchair making her even more vulnerable. I don't know, exploding glasses and synchronized yelling aren't really doing a whole lot for me. The most terrifying part of the trailer was seeing how scared a theater full of Japanese girls can get while watching a movie like this. It ain't pretty.

Check it out below.


Extra Tidbit: I just don't think this is a concept that can be effectively sequelized in any language.
Source: Twitch



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