Jason Statham set to come face-to-face with Meg

jason statham

Not too long ago, MEG underwent a bit of an overhaul with previously attached director Eli Roth departing the project and Jon Turteltaub signing on. In addition, Jamie Vanderbilt penned the latest script for the film which has been in development in one stage or another for about the last 20 years. But Warner Bros. must be serious about finally trying to get this movie made, because they have now gotten Jason Statham lined up to star. 

The action star will topline MEG, which is centered around the legendary Carcharodon Megalodon, the prehistoric predecessor to the great white shark that is believed to measure about 70 feet and 40 tons. When it surfaces and reveals itself to the world, I imagine it'll be up to Jason Stathan to punch the damn thing in the face until it returns back to where it came from. 

What?? Isn't that how nearly every Jason Statham movie goes? Why should this one be any different? Hey, I'm not complaining. I really want to see Jason Statham fight this monster, much like I wishes The Rock would somehow fight an earthquake in SAN ANDREAS.




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