Jeff Bridges and Michael Douglas are vying to be a Dirty Grandpa

Vulture is reporting that Jeff Bridges has been offered the lead role in Universal's DIRTY GRANDPA. With a title like that, you know it is going to at least be a little funny.

Universal is keeping a back up plan, just in case Bridges passes. They also have Michael Douglas in mind. Both are solid dramatic actors but Bridges has the better track record with edgy comedy. DIRTY GRANDPA is being scripted by John Phillips who is also writing the sequel to BAD SANTA.

Dirty Grandpa follows a soon-to-be-married uptight grandson who is tricked into escorting his lascivious and recently widowed former Army general of a grandfather to spring break in Florida. Life lessons are learned; Viagra jokes are likely told.

Bridges would likely take the more hippie, Lebowski-esque route in the film, which is his bread and butter. Douglas could play the role as an uptight older man who has douche-bag tendencies.

Which Oscar winner would you rather see playing a sex-crazed old man?

Extra Tidbit: Seeing as he is married to Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas has already done the field research.
Source: Vulture



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