Jennifer Lawrence & Adam McKay team up for biopic on Theranos' founder

Jennifer Lawrence Adam McKay Theranos

Imagine that your net worth is estimated to be in the billions, $4.5 billion to be exact, then, a year later, that estimate has fallen to nothing. That's exactly what happened to Elizabeth Holmes, a biotech entrepreneur who just last year topped the list of Forbes' richest self-made women. Her biotech company, Theranos, claimed to have revolutionized blood testing by being able to use only a pinprick of blood as opposed to the traditional method of drawing blood via injection. Theranos and its promising tech was valued at $9 billion but following allegations that its blood tests are inaccurate, that value has since dropped, considerably.

Certainly sounds like a story ripe for cinematic adaptation and that's exactly what Jennifer Lawrence and Adam McKay aim to do. Deadline reports that the pair will be teaming up for a film about Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes. Jennifer Lawrence will star and produce the film along with Adam McKay, who will also write and direct. The project doesn't yet have a studio attached but the pair is due to start taking meetings with studios in the coming week. With Lawrence and McKay attached, I can't imagine that it'll take too long before the film finds a home.

Jennifer Lawrence is next set to star in Morten Tyldum's PASSENGERS alongside Chris Pratt. The sci-fi romance takes place on a sleeper ship on its way to a new colony planet when a malfunction results in two of the hibernation pods opening ninety years from their destination. PASSENGERS, which apparently wowed audiences at CinemaCon, is set for a December 21, 2016 release.

Source: Deadline



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