Jesse Eisenberg and Tracy Morgan have some drug-related issues in the trailer for Why Stop Now

The ever-loving nervous nellie that is Jesse Eisenberg is returning to the big screen with the new comedy WHY STOP NOW? which co-stars Tracy Morgan and Melissa Leo. Eisenberg plays a piano prodigy who attempts to check his loving, yet troubled mother (Leo) into rehab, while preparing for an audition.  Trouble arises when a rehab policy forces Eisenberg to enlist the help of his mother's drug dealer, Sprinkles (Morgan), taking them all on a journey for his mother's health and his own future.

Have a look:

This looks like a potentially good time, perhaps with some overly sentimental scenes and a difficult balance between comedy and drama.  It's written and directed by Ron Nyswaner, who is best known for his screenplays for PHILADELPHIA and THE PAINTED VEIL.  As for the cast, I like Eisenberg, even if it seems like he's always playing Eisenberg.  Melissa Leo has definitely got chops, so there's a good chance she'll deliver a solid performance.  Morgan is hot and cold; he seems to fare better on the small screen.  30 Rock is still the best thing that ever happened to him.

WHY STOP NOW? will be premiering on VOD starting today, July 5th, before it screens in select theaters on August 17, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: I'd love to see Eisenberg and director Ruben Fleischer reteam for a Zombieland sequel.
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