Jim Carrey and the creators of Napoleon Dynamite will bring you the heist flick Loomis Fargo

Jim Carrey has been having a rough go of it lately. The guy fluctuates between Adam Sandler/Eddie Murphy level bad (MR POPPERS PENGUINS, YES MAN) to interesting projects that have potential (THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE, KICK ASS 2, I LOVE YOU PHILIP MORRIS). His latest project is the just announced LOOMIS FARGO that sounds like a cross between a movie with indie cred and Carrey's own FUN WITH DICK AND JANE.

LOOMIS FARGO, inspired by true events, tells the story of a disgruntled bank employee who is ready to take a chance and risk it all for love, money, and a life he’s only dreamed of. Teaming up with his work crush, they conspire to rob the financial institution. Together with their accomplices, the inexperienced criminals nab nearly $20 million - leaving a trail of evidence in their wake. Now the only thing tougher than pulling off the heist - will be getting away with it. Carrey will star in the movie for director Jared Hess (NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, NACHO LIBRE) and screenwriter Emily Spivey (UP ALL NIGHT) and Chris Bowman (THE WRONG BROTHER). The movie is aiming to begin shooting in April.

I am wary of everything Csrrey does whereas I used to be first in line to see his movies. What the hell happens to our comedy movie mega-stars that they all end up in Movie Jail? I will reserve judgement on LOOMIS FARGO until I see some footage or a trailer.

Extra Tidbit: Hopefully producer Danny McBride will join the cast.



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