J.J. Abrams to direct and collaborate on next film with Steven Spielberg

J.J. Abrams has decided to play homage in his next film to director Steven Spielberg.

While the script is still being finished up, it's said to be much like earlier Spielberg films of the 70's and early 80's. Abrams also plans to direct the film himself. He will start sometime early this fall for Paramount. The guy is a mad genius, but he's also got a lot of other things on his plate as well: ending LOST, overseeing FRINGE, producing MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4, and another film with Rachel McAdams & Harrison Ford titled MORNING GLORY.

The details on the plot are of course a secret, as if you would expect any different from Abrams. In that early Spielbergian way, there's rumor the project will deal with everyday people whose personal relationships are tested when they are faced against the extraordinarily fantastic. Abrams is currently in discussions with Spielberg as a possible executive producer or adviser for the film.

Abrams' film does have a title, but is being kept under wraps for "maximum marketing impact", much like CLOVERFIELD. However, this film will not have shaky cam. It is going to be a low budget movie and will cost somewhere around $25 million to make. One source calls it the "Anti-AVATAR" saying, "Not that [J.J.] doesn’t love that movie or special effects movies - he has a real facility for effects. But he really wants to make this, and the way to do that is to be fiscally responsible."

I say, onward! Let the J.J. Abrams film homage to Spielberg begin!

Extra Tidbit: In that picture, Abrams could easily be mistaken as Spielberg's son.
Source: Vulture



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