Josh Gad returns to tease meeting with DC executives

Not too long ago BEAUTY AND THE BEAST actor Josh Gad took the internet for a merry little ride by teasing a possible interest in playing the Batman villain, the Penguin. Many people lost their respective marbles, even though it was most likely just him having a bit of fun. But now he’s back at it again, and this time he has some help.

Gad posted this photo of him with Jon Berg and Geoff Johns, the co-heads of the DC Films division, holding a Batman comic featuring the dastardly villain. Damn you, Gad.

Gad told MTV that he was “just having some fun” with the previous tweet, and that could be what’s going on here, enlisting the help of DC honchos. Or, him saying it was just fun could be a rouse and he really is having meetings about the role. This is something we need the actual Batman here to solve.

Like many things of this nature it’s all speculative, and if Gad is having real meetings then chances are those talks are simply just that, talk. We have no idea if the team is even thinking about using Penguin in any future movie, including the solo Batman movie from Matt Reeves.

As I said in the previous piece I don’t know if Gad is right for the role. He’s a talented, bold actor but I can’t see him playing the menacing acting too convincingly. But hey, maybe that’s a reason why he’s perfect for the role. There could be some potential for darkness in the lovable actor, and he could surprise us all by being tremendously villainous. But we may never know…or will we? Nah, it’s just a joke…or is it? Quit toying with our emotions!

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