Kate Mara is not Bethany Cabe in Iron Man 2

When it was revealed that Kate Mara would have a role in IRON MAN 2, the guess was that she would be playing sexy, redhead confidante, Bethany Cabe.

Turns out this is false according to Mara. MTV got the exclusive during an interview with the actress at Sundance. She doesn't give away too much about her part. All she reveals is that she has just one scene that she shares with Robert Downey Jr. as well as Jon Favreau. When they ask her to at least confirm if she is playing an FBI agent she says, "Something like that."

Hmmm, I really thought Mara would be Cabe. Maybe she'll play Sharon Carter, former S.H.I.E.L.D agent. Or perhaps Scarlet Witch? I'm just throwing out ideas here. What do you guys think? Check the video out below for the interview with Mara.

Extra Tidbit: I always though Mara would make a good Mary Jane. Did anyone suggest her for the most recent CAST THIS? She's about to turn 27, so that might be too old for the reboot.
Source: MTV Movies blog



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