Kermit and crew invade England for The Muppets 2

With THE MUPPETS 2 gearing up to begin filming in January, it appears that the sequel will take Kermit and the rest of his fuzzy comrades across the pond. Director James Bobin was reported to be scouting St Paul's Cathedral in London for the film.

So, does that mean THE MUPPETS 2 may be THE MUPPETS TAKE LONDON? Who knows, but it certainly opens up the cameo casting to include quite a few Brits. Add that news to the recently revealed news that Bret McKenzie would be returning to write the songs for the movie and everything sounds good for the Disney sequel.

While Jason Segel will not be coming back to act or write the movie, his cowriter Nicholas Stoller has finished the screenplay. Christoph Waltz joined the cast as an Interpol agent, so it is only a matter of time before we see which stars will share top billing with THE MUPPETS.

The first film is in regular rotation at my house. My kids love it and sing the songs throughout the day. It is a fun, positive, family friendly comedy. That seems to be a rarity these days for a non-animated film. I am looking forward to seeing where THE MUPPETS 2 takes us.

Here's to hoping we get another Oscar for Bret McKenzie!



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