Kevin Feige teases unexpected team-ups and more intimate Marvel movies

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Set to debut in 2018, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR will serve as the culmination of a decade of story-lines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Obviously the MCU won't be ending there, or anytime soon, but how will Marvel Studios follow up what will likely be the biggest project they've ever tackled? According to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige when he recently spoke with Vulture, post-INFINITY WAR movies may wind up being a little more intimate than what we've seen before.

I think it's possible to have more intimate movies after that, or to have more interesting, unexpected combinations of characters after that, absolutely. It never is intentionally about 'being even bigger'. Arguably, one of the biggest scenes we've ever had in a movie was the airport battle in Civil War, and there weren't world-ending stakes in that scene, there wasn't an asteroid smashing into a city in that scene, but there was a conflict between the characters that made you feel something. To us, it's less about continuing to go bigger with spectacle — although in some cases, we will — and more about continuing to go deeper with those character interactions.

Speaking of character interactions, Fiege was asked which upcoming meeting between Marvel heroes he was looking forward to the most. "There are so many, but I would say, both because of the characters and the actors who've created them, Doctor Strange and Tony Stark." Goatee powers, activate! As AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR will include just about every Marvel character under the sun, Feige mentions that we should prepare ourselves for some "unexpected team-ups" in both INFINITY WAR and beyond. Exciting! Which Marvel characters would you like to see share the screen? As for myself, put me down for a Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Rocket (Bradley Cooper) sequence.

Marvel's latest, DOCTOR STRANGE, hits theaters this Friday and you can check out a review from our own Eric Walkuski right here!

Source: Vulture



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