Kilgrave is back in action in Jessica Jones season two set photos

Earlier this week we got news that David Tennant’s Kilgrave will be returning in the new season of JESSICA JONES – purple clothes and all. Given the fate of the character at the end of season one, this led many to ponder how he would be brought back. Though we won’t know the full extent of his reemergence for some time, some new set photos offer a big hint.

Put on Twitter by user @dxvid616, the photos show the titular hero Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), Kilgrave and Eka Darville’s Malcolm. Kilgrave is seen screaming into the ear of Malcolm, even though the latter can’t see him, hinting that the villain may return as a manifestation in Jones’ own mind. Spooky!

Jones spent the first season of the show fighting off the mind-control of Kilgrave, in the end becoming immune to his powers. Though she’s finally rid of him for the most part, it’s probably going to be next to impossible for her to fully be rid of him, hence why he may come back as some sort of hallucination that haunts her every step. Even spookier!

This method of Kilgrave’s return, if true, is how I figured the showrunners would bring back the villain back when it was announced he was coming back. Trying to physically bring him back would be too complicated a matter, and so having him exist and manifest in the dark recesses of Jones’ mind makes the most sense, and to me is much more interesting.

JESSICA JONES season two is set for next year and you can see her tomorrow in THE DEFENDERS.

Source: Twitter



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