Korea's record-setting Man From Nowhere is coming to America

The Weinstein Company has picked up the rights to remake South Korea's 2010 box office champion THE MAN FROM NOWHERE.

The original film was released on Blu-Ray last year and tells the story of former top special agent, Tae-Sik Cha (Bin Won) who lives a quiet life as a pawnshop owner. But when his upstairs neighbor involves him with drug-dealing gangsters and is abducted along with her young daughter, Cha must call upon his dormant, lethal skills to try to rescue them and exact a brutal revenge on the villains.

Despite the plot sounding eerily similar to THE PROFESSIONAL, this film does stand on its own as a solid action movie.  THE MAN FROM NOWHERE picked up a ton of awards when it was originally released and the Weinsteins seem to think that will replicate well for American audiences.

South Korea has had a great surge in film-making over the last twenty years. OLDBOY, I SAW THE DEVIL, TAE GUK GI, and SHIRI are just a few that jump out at first thought. I am not a fan of just remaking Asian films for American audiences when you already have a quality movie to begin with, but, if handled properly, this could be one of the better results.

Check out the original Korean trailer below.

Extra Tidbit: The latest casting news on the OLDBOY remake actually has me less concerned and more excited.
Source: Yahoo



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