Kristen Bell gets her motor running and joins the cast of CHiPs

Adding Kristen Bell to your cast never sounds like a bad idea, so kudos to the big screen treatment of CHiPs, which has managed to secure the VERONICA MARS star for a little piece of their motorcycle cop world... sorry, highway patrol to be exact.

While details of her role haven't escaped custody yet, Bell is joining her husband Dax Shepard on the film, as he'll be both directing and starring in it. Shepard will be playing the big screen version of Jon Baker alongside Michael Pena who will be walking in the shoes of Erik Estrada as Ponch. Vincent D'Onofrio, Adam Brody and Rosa Salazar round out the rest of the topline cast for now.

CHiPS has been in development for going on 10 years now, with Wilmer Valderrama attached, but that version never went anywhere. Shepard looks to have things going in a forward direction, so we'll have to keep an eye out and see if this might be one of those rare occasions when a TV show is capably and entertainly transitioned into a feature film.

Source: The Wrap



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