Laurie is a Watchman

Hugh Laurie is one of the few great actors who everybody seems to appreciate. Which is good, since he seems a pretty cool character and is phenomenal on HOUSE. That said though, his foray into the world of movies has not been great. A quick look over his filmography is fairly painful reading, with the highlights (and I used the word lightly) being STUART LITTLE and FLIGHT OF THE PHEONIX. Hopefully though, that's all about to change as he joins what is turning out to be a pretty stellar cast for the upcoming THE NIGHT WATCHMAN.

As you know, the story revolves around a burnt out, alcoholic cop (Keanu Reeves) who is framed by a one-time mentor (Forest Whitaker) and then takes it upon himself to exercise his demons by purging the police force of its corruption. Laurie would play an internal affairs officer, partnering The Human Torch himself, Chris Evans. THE NIGHT WATCHMAN is directed by David Ayer (HARSH TIMES), from a story by James Ellroy (LA CONFIDENTIAL). This just might be something special!
Extra Tidbit: Laurie's first name is actually 'James'.
Source: Dark Horizons



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