Lautner and Cruise?

The only good thing I’ve managed to take out of TWILIGHT is that I think Taylor Lautner’s actually a pretty legit dude, and I’m curious to see him in more roles that are not written by trained monkeys. He’s going to be kicking ass in “Teenage Taken” as it were, where he rescues his friends from being kidnapped on Spring Break, and now he has a new project that’s even more substantial.

According to Nikki Finke, the 17 year-old is being paid $7.5M to co-star in NORTHERN LIGHTS with Tom Cruise, a movie about a young pilot (Lautner) who spars with his billionaire father (Cruise) and falls for a girl pilot.

Lautner is also rumored for parts in VISION QUEST and MAX STEEL, but hopefully this project will take precedence over those poorly conceived endeavors. This is a rebuilding year for Cruise as well after VALKYRIE was a bust, and between this and KNIGHT AND DAY, hopefully we’ll see the man creating memorable characters once again.

Extra Tidbit: I'm sure this movie will take a page from Cruise's TOP GUN with a beach volleyball scene to showcase Lautner's abs.
Source: Deadline



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