UPDATE: Official Amazing Spider-Man trailer swings its way online

UPDATE: Now the official trailer has been released and you can see if you like it any better in non-bootleg form.

You know, at this point I'm almost sick of trailer leaks. To me it's no fun to watch a grainy, blurry version of something you've been anticipating for a while, and that's happened a ton recently with the DARK KNIGHT RISES and AVENGERS trailers leaking in bootleg form ahead of their official release.

And now the same has happened for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN with this trailer presumably set to premiere at Comic-Con in a few days. But if you're not going, you can check it out in diminished form here.

It has the usual pieces of the origin story in place, with a bit more emphasis on Parker's dead parents. It would seem to have a more serious tone than Raimi's version, and I did appreciate the POV sequence which I thought was rather cool.

See for yourself below, and let me know what you think.

Extra Tidbit: I think Garfield has a good look for Parker.
Source: JoBlo.com



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