Leaked Vatican Tapes

With the success of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, Hollywood is turning to their tried and true practice of "If it worked once, it will work again." That's why we're seeing yet another "found footage" horror movie in the form of THE VATICAN TAPES from MAN ON WIRE director James Marsh.

The tape in question is said to be that of an exorcism gone wrong inside the Vatican, which COULD be cool, especially with a capable director like Marsh at the helm. And honestly, I said it “worked once” but really, found tape films have produced BLAIR WITCH, REC and CLOVERFIELD, in addition to PARANORMAL, which isn’t anything to sneeze at. I would consider THE FOURTH KIND and REC remake, QUARANTINE, to be examples to the contrary, but all in all you have to admit the genre has a pretty good track record.

Just please don’t start with a viral campaign trying to convince us that there’s actually a leaked tape from the Vatican proving the existence of the devil or something. We know it’s a movie, just make it a good one.

Extra Tidbit: I had more than one gullible friend convinced that PARANORMAL was real tape going into the movie. They stopped believing me right around the time the Ouija board caught on fire. Way to go guys.
Source: THR



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