Learn which two actors might play Barry Allen/The Flash on The CW's Arrow

Back in July it was announced that The Flash will be appearing in several episodes of The CW's ARROW, which could lead to a new series featuring the character. Latino-Review has apparently discovered which two actors will have screentests for the part of Barry Allen in the series and they are...

Matt Barr (left) and James Mackay (right). Barr is probably best known for his roles in HATFIELDS & MCCOYS and ONE TREE HILL, while Mackay is an Australian actor who stars in the upcoming film SINGULARITY. Don't like either for Barry Allen? Don't worry: apparently a third actor will also test for the role, although his identity has not been uncovered at this time. I'm leaning more towards Matt Barr based on looks alone, but I guess both of them could be a decent Barry Allen.

If DC is moving forwards with a Flash film as well, I don't think a television series is necessary and wouldn't be fair to the actors in either roles since they would be constantly be compared to each other by critics and fans. It's one thing when an actor is being compared to others who have previously played the same character, it's another when we're discussing them playing the same one at the same time. Like I said, I just don't think it would be fair.

Season 2 of ARROW is set to premiere on October 9th, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Would you prefer a television series or movie? And would you want the series connected to DC's cinematic universe or separate?
Source: Latino-Review



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