Top 10 Actors To Watch in 2016

Every year, new faces appear in films and go from actors to celebrities. Some of these are faces you have never seen before and others are familiar names who are about to become megastars. Having combed through all of the news about actors and actresses over the last year, these ten names represent the performers most likely to climb to the A-list and headline the biggest films in the near future. Take a look and remember these faces and names as you will be hearing a lot from them in the years to come. If you think we missed anyone, feel free to let us know in the strike backs below.

#1 - Nate Parker

Nate Parker has been acting steadily since 2005, appearing in films like PRIDE, RED HOOK SUMMER, THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES, and RED TAILS. Recently, Parker had roles in the Liam Neeson film NON-STOP as well as the romantic drama BEYOND THE LIGHTS. But, Parker blew everyone away with his hat trick as writer, director, and star of the Sundance hit THE BIRTH OF A NATION. Garnering massive buzz and early awards consideration, the historical drama surrounding the Nat Turner slave rebellion is the stuff that careers are launched on. In the case of Nate Parker, this is going to be the year his kicks into overdrive.

#3 - Christopher Abbott

Abbott burst onto the scene with a role in 2011's MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE and a leading role on the first season of HBO's Girls but it was his roles in the last couple of years that earned his spot on this list. Between performances in A MOST VIOLENT YEAR and last year's JAMES WHITE, Abbott has graduated to studio fare with this year's WHISKY TANGO FOXTROT. Abbott has been working steadily in theatre productions but can be seen later this year in KATIE SAYS GOODBYE, an indie drama co-starring Olivia Cooke and Mireille Enos.

#4 - Sarah Gadon

Gadon has appeared in three films from director David Cronenberg as well as turns in small films like ENEMY and BELLE but has also appeared in movies as large as THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 and DRACULA UNTOLD. Gadon was most recently seen opposite James Franco in Hulu's 11.22.63 and will next be seen in the lauded indie INDIGNATION alongside Logan Lerman. Gadon has classic movie star looks but the acting chops to hold her own with anyone.

#2 - Maika Monroe

Maika Monroe is a really good actress. Take a look at her turns in THE GUEST and IT FOLLOWS. Both characters could not be more different but both are also instantly memorable and powerful performances. Monroe has already been called a new "scream queen" based on these performances which also helped her gain some face time with studios who cast her in the bomb THE 5TH WAVE but also in the pending blockbuster INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE. I have no doubt that whether that movie is good or not, Monroe will be here to stay.

#5 - Emory Cohen

Cohen first came onto everyone's radar after his turn in Derek Cianfrance THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES in 2012 but it was last year's lead role in the Oscar nominated BROOKLYN that delivered his most substantial and deep performance to date. Cohen has six films coming out this year, the biggest being the Netflix film WAR MACHINE which also stars Brad Pitt and fellow up and comer Keith Stanfield.

#6 - Riley Keough

You may not consider Keough to be an up and comer since she is already a Victoria's Secret model and the grandchild of Elvis Presley, but she is coming into her own as an actress. After appearing in minor roles in MAGIC MIKE and MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, Keough was selected by Steven Soderbergh for the starring role in the small screen adaptation of The Girlfriend Experience. I would be shocked if that Starz series didn't boost Keough's popularity through the roof.

#7 - Logan Lerman

Lerman already has experience with big films from his childhood years appearing in everything from THE PATRIOT and 3:10 TO YUMA all the way through the title role in the PERCY JACKSON films. Aside from major roles in THE THREE MUSKETEERS, NOAH, FURY and THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, Lerman will truly get his chance to shine as a dramatic actor in the buzzed about INDIGNATION which hits theaters this year.

#8 - Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson has been around for a while and even had a major role on series like Veronica Mars and the BBC America show Copper, but it was her leading role in 2014's DEAR WHITE PEOPLE that launched her to roles in films like SELMA and last year's CREED. Thompson can play younger and older and virtually any character in between. Expect a lot from Thompson including a role in HBO's upcoming Westworld.

#9 - Keith Stanfield

Stanfield wowed audiences with her role in SHORT TERM 12 and has since been steadily working in films big and small. Portraying Snoop Dogg in last year's STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON may have been his biggest exposure to date but he has also been solid in films like SELMA, DOPE, and THE PURGE: ANARCHY. Stanfield has a lot of range and will get to shine again in Oliver Stone's upcoming SNOWDEN.

#10 - Bel Powley

This 24-year-old Brit has quite a bit of experience on the small screen in her home country but is beginning to gain traction thanks to big screen indies like last year's THE DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL and the Kristen Stewart/Nicholas Hoult film EQUALS. This year, Powley is set to appear in at least five films including the buzzworthy CARRIE PILBY, WILDING, and DETOUR. Powley has a lot of range for someone so young so expect to see her get starring roles for some time to come.

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