Top 10 Genres that Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, and Edgar Wright Should Tackle Next

Today marks the close of the Cornetto Trilogy for Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost. The trio have graced our screens with a RomZomCom in SHAUN OF THE DEAD, a Michael Bay-inspired cop movie with HOT FUZZ, and a Body Snatchers meets Pub Crawl epic with THE WORLD'S END. Just because this series of films is coming to an end it doesn't mean these guys can't tackle some more great sub-genres of films. Here are 10 types of movies they should make together that would complete any film fan's dream. If you have a choice that didn't make the list, add it to the Talk Backs below!

#1 - Superhero

Sure, Simon Pegg said he would not be ANT-MAN for Edgar Wright, but does that mean Edgar Wright may not direct another superhero movie at some point? I would love to find a project that would bring Pegg, Wright, and Frost together in the realm of Marvel or DC and keep their style intact. Can you imagine the possibilities? I would not be opposed to seeing Simon Pegg as Hank Pym and Frost as Egghead. Actually, that sounds perfect! Make it happen, Marvel!

#2 - Western

Much like Quentin Tarantino did with DJANGO UNCHAINED, I would expect something completely incongruous in a western from Edgar Wright. Pegg and Frost could take a back seat to a main character played by Rafe Spall, a Cornetto alum, and create something along the lines of THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN or THE WILD BUNCH, but with comedy. We have seen that Wright can handle action sequences in HOT FUZZ. Move that to the Old West and you have something.

#3 - Heist

Imagine Simon Pegg going against Nick Frost instead of teaming up with him. Replace the Al Pacino and Robert De Niro roles in HEAT with these two British nerds and that would make for one hell of a comedy. The movie doesn't even have to be crime based. Maybe it is two nerdy comic collectors who both bid on a priceless issue of their favorite series only to lose to a billionaire who doesn't appreciate the issue. So, both Pegg and Frost want the comic and decide to orchestrate their own heist on the same night. Hijinks ensue. Man, someone pay me for these ideas!

#4 - Musical

I don't know if Simon Pegg or Nick Frost can actually sing, but maybe a tone deaf musical is a good idea on it's own. Imagine if whatever story they come up with is directed in the style of a Hollywood musical, but no one can actually sing? That would crack me up. Even if they went ahead and made a legitimate musical film, Edgar Wright could certainly do it justice. I am partial to the tone deaf idea, but if we got Pegg and Frost headlining a GUYS AND DOLLS movie, I would be all in.

#5 - Haunted House

Pegg and Frost had cameos in the trailer for Edgar Wright's DON'T that appeared in Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez's GRINDHOUSE, so why not make that into a full length movie? I love THE HAUNTING and THE HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL. Can't you imagine a Hammer Horror style movie from Wright? Frost as the scientist and Pegg as the lothario? It practically writes itself!

#6 - Science Fiction

Yes, THE WORLD'S END can be looked at as SciFi, but I mean a STAR WARS or STAR TREK caliber space movie. The series SPACED showcased their love of these two famed franchises, so why not build a comedy around it? I discount PAUL as being that film because it was not directed by Wright, but I would love to see something with that mentality featuring Pegg and Frost. Maybe a comic reboot of THE LAST STARFIGHTER?

#7 - Kaiju

If Edgar Wright is anything, he is a fan of genre. From his track record we can see a consistent love of science fiction, horror, and video games. With PACIFIC RIM showing us it is possible to make a high quality giant monster movie, imagine if Wright directed it. Bring in Pegg and Frost as the everyman heroes thrust into an apocalyptic scenario and you have the perfect compliment to the Cornetto films. It may sound like SHAUN OF THE DEAD with big creatures, but that sounds alright by me!

#8 - Period Drama

Now don't freak out, I don't mean an actual drama. While it would be interesting to see these guys tackle a 100% serious film, I would like to see their antics and personalities translated to a story set in the 1800s or earlier. Pegg did star in BURKE AND HARE with Andy Serkis, but it wasn't quite the same. Put this trio into a Shakespearean comedy and you would instantly introduce the works of the Bard to a much wider audience. If Joss Whedon can do it, so can Edgar Wright.

#9 - Grindhouse

The 1970s yielded numerous exploitation films which have been fodder for spoofs in the last ten years. But, these guys excel at taking genre and paying homage to it without mocking it. I can imagine a grindhouse film from them being a version of HOT FUZZ with bell-bottoms and wide collars or maybe something a little crazier, like a blaxploitation movie with an all British cast. That would be hilarious.

#10 - Animation

While Pegg and Frost have both lent their voices to an ICE AGE film as well as key roles in THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN (scripted by Edgar Wright), I want to see these guys come up with something wholly original that would be animated. It doesn't have to be adult in nature because these guys are truly kids at heart. Having a cartoon, CGI or hand-drawn, with their mentality would make for a great time at the movies.

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