Top 10 Marvel Superheroes We Want On The Big Screen

With AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR bringing the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a turning point, fans are ravenously anticipating the end of an era. Could some of our favorite heroes die or be replaced? Who will be the next generation of superheroes in the MCU? With many of the familiar characters already gracing the silver screen, we scoured the annals of Marvel Comics to compile this list of the ten superheroes we want to see get the big screen treatment next. If you disagree or think we missed someone, let us know in the comments below.

The Fantastic Four

After two failed takes on the First Family of Marvel, fans are already contemplating how the foursome comprised of Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Thing, and The Human Torch could fare within the MCU. After Marvel Comics unceremoniously ditched the comic books featuring the characters, they are coming back and are ripe for an MCU-sponsored reboot. Maybe that John Krasinski and Emily Blunt led version could some day become a reality.

Moon Knight

A Jewish-American superhero imbued with the powers of an Egyptian god? That sounds badass on it's own. With MCU films set primarily in New York or Outer Space, the films have started venturing to other locales as far as Wakanda. Moon Knight could bring some darkness and edge to the MCU and introduce Chicago to the big screen. Fans have been demanding that Netflix add the character to their line-up of gritty street level heroes, but I would prefer to see him on the big screen.


Wesley Snipes may have been the first hit Marvel superhero, but now is the time to bring Blade back and into the MCU. Snipes could come back as a villain, mentor, or even an older version of Blade who helps bring a younger vampire slayer to the big screen. Personally, I think Snipes could still play the character, so why not relent and give the vocal fans who want to see the daywalker back on the big screen what they want.


Originally created simply to gain a trademark, Stan Lee's Spider-Woman has been portrayed countless ways and as multiple characters over the years. With Sony developing their Spider-man universe independently of the MCU at large, maybe creating a second webslinger could be the best way to expand their fan-base. Only make sure it is Jessica Drew or Jessica Carpenter and stay away from making a Spider-Gwen film.


The MCU has their fair share of teams including Avengers, Guardians and Defenders, so maybe the time has come to introduce England's equivalent of the X-Men. Led by Captain Britain, maybe Excalibur could be the MCU entry into the Mutant side of things rather than rebooting the already established X-Men mythos. Hell, they could bring in Nightcrawler and Kitty Pryde and fully bridge the two sides of the MCU and X-Men franchises.


Hinted and teased in the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY films, Nova would be an ideal replacement to take Star-Lord's place should James Gunn's team go their separate ways after the third film in the franchise. With the core Xandarian force already introduced, casting the masked soldier should be easy. Maybe a crossover between GUARDIANS and CAPTAIN MARVEL could be the best starting point to make this happen.


The rights to make a Hulk standalone film may be nearly impossible, but maybe a She-Hulk film could happen. Many actresses have expressed their desire to play the green skinned heroine and her path to the big screen could be easier now that WONDER WOMAN has shown that female led superheroes can make big bucks. Plus, with the technology to realize Hulk looking better with each film, the time has come for She-Hulk to get her due.


With the rights tied up amongst other studios, Namor may never see the big screen. Marvel's answer to Aquaman, Namor has a rich backstory and origin that would make him a welcome addition to the MCU. Maybe if AQUAMAN proves a box office hit, the Mutant character who is also regarded as comic's first antihero could finally see the silver screen.

Silver Surfer

Featured once in the lackluster FANTASTIC FOUR sequel, Silver Surfer is one of the most powerful Marvel characters of all time. With Disney regaining the rights to the 20th Century Fox owned characters, giving the Silver Surfer his own origin film could go a long way to enhancing the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY side of the MCU and help introduce Galactus to the big screen in a proper, non-cloud way.


Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, Ka-Zar may seem like a copy of Tarzan...and you would be right. A human with no superpowers, Ka-Zar lives in the Savage Land and has appeared in Marvel events ranging from Age of Ultron to House of M. He would absolutely be a unique and distinct character compared to the mainstream MCU heroes we have seen so far.

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