Logan rated R for "strong brutal violence, language, and brief nudity"

With red-band trailers flying out left and right for James Mangold's LOGAN, you would've figured that an R-rating was a sure thing! However, the director himself was hesitant to assume that the rating would be R, even in our recent interview. Well, the MPAA has officially stepped in and given their judgment, and it looks like LOGAN has been awarded that R-rating for, "strong brutal violence and language throughout, and for brief nudity." Music to my ears!

Our recent write-up of the 40 minutes we saw of LOGAN paints a bleak world filled with blood, violence, and yes, even some nudity! If anything, I wonder if Mangold and Co. were worried about garnering something harder than an R, given the bloodshed and the fact that a little girl, X-23, is responsible for a lot of it. From the looks of things, those fears have been placated and we'll finally have the Wolverine movie we've been dying to see ever since Hugh Jackman popped those claws in 2000. It's time to bring it on home, boys!

LOGAN opens in theaters on March 3, 2017.

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