Long Shot is a doc about the time Curb Your Enthusiasm saved someone's life

I love CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM. As a show, there are a lot of ways to describe it: funny, cringe-worthy, dry, absurdist, crazy. However, I'd never add "life saving" to that list...however that's something the show has done. Yes, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM literally saved a man's [email protected]

Now, how can a show do that? Well, besides something like LOST or GAME OF THRONES - which staves off suicide attempts due to the need to have the show's questions answered - this example is more direct. See, Juan Catalan was a Latino man accused of murdering a sixteen year old girl, and even though he had ticket stubs proving he was at a Dodger's game when the supposed murder happened, he was still found guilty. He didn't even match the description! But, in a last-ditch effort, he remembered they were shooting a CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM episode at that time, and he was in the audience. Lo-and-behold, while looking over the footage, there Catalan was - busy not murdering little girls. Thus, a life is saved! The guy's, not the girl's unfortunately...

Anyway, Netflix is making a whole documentary about the ordeal, which you can see the trailer for above. While it seems no matter how ridiculous this whole situation sounds (it really could be reworked into a plot of the show), there still was someone innocent murdered, and someone else's life was shattered as they were wrongly convicted of that crime. No amount of curmudgeonly Larry David is going to change that.

Meanwhile, LONG SHOT will premiere on Netflix September 29th.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if they played the CURB theme song in the court room? I'm guessing not. But still...
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